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          Cindy Barber

                Psychic, Medium and Animal Intuitive

Cindy Barber is a psychic, medium and animal communicator.  She incorporates over 15 years of spiritual study and draws upon her expertise in the physical and metaphysical realms to help clients lead happier lives.  She also uses her skills to assist others to manage their lives.

Whether it's an intuitive, medium or animal communication session, her mission remains constant; to empower based on your personal appointment and the information that's received.  A session may be to contact a loved one (human or animal) who has crossed over, receive guidance on a challenging situation, or to learn about your life's purpose.  These are opportunities for healing and growth and with her unique approach, Cindy helps you to navigate through your journey.  Along the way she'll provide messages, feedback and suggestions to facilitate this transformational process.  Her unique style blended with warm enthusiasm and genuine compassion only serves to validate the many clients who have received healing and insight.

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