Cindy Barber

Embrace Wholeness and Healing

Intuitive, Medium and Energy Therapy Practitioner

Be amazed at the ability you have to empower and heal yourself ---to embrace your whole being. My mission is to support you by providing clarity and the transformational tools that will empower and guide you to self-discovery, personal power and healing.

During each session, I partner with you to tap into and address your life concerns. I provide accurate and meaningful intuitive information, as well as suggestions and tools, to allow you to continue to heal and transform long after a session is over. I create a space of warmth, compassion, enthusiasm and encouragement to help you navigate through your life journey.

Each session is customized to your individual needs; a session can include the following:

“I met Cindy during mentoring under Deb Sheppard years ago. I was very drawn to Cindy and learned a great deal from her during that time. After mentoring I continued to reach out to Cindy taking classes, calling for readings, and sharing her with friends! Cindy spoke at a monthly discussion night with my church singles group recently. Many remarked that it was the best monthly night and they were so pleased with her and the topic. Cindy is such a charm – I just love her beauty and energy. Every time I called in urgent need she just laid it out there so clearly and easily making me wonder why I did not figure it out on my own! Cindy has helped me through a couple of tough times when I was lost and not seeing clearly. For all of the readings done for my dogs, Cindy described each of them perfectly from personality to behaviors, ect – shocking my friend once with the detailed knowledge Cindy had of our 3 dogs sitting there for the call.” R.T.